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The Management Board determines the activities direction for the company and looks over its implementation. The Management Board has the following powers:

  • Authorisation of the conventions targeted by the law;
  • Authorisation to the General Director to give guaranties and approvals in the name of the company in compliance with the law and with the possibility to delegate
  • At the end of every fiscal year, take inventory of the different assets and liabilities to date
  • Establish the financial statements in conformity with the law
  • Present annually to the ordinary general assembly a management report including all the information stated by the law
  • Convocation of the shareholders’ assemblies, agenda setting, adopting terms of reference and reports to submit to shareholders
  • Decision to transfer the head office in the same prefecture or province subject to the ratification of the decision by the following extraordinary general assembly


The strategic committee supports the Management Board in the company’s strategic orientation.

The committee investigates and approves the principal areas of strategic development of the company and its subsidiaries and evaluates the consequences of previously adopted strategic decisions while ensuring the implementation of the company’s strategy ;


The Audit Committee supports the Management Board in the in performing its surveillance duties but does not hold any decision-making power.